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Automatic Air Freshener

Automatic air freshener dispensers can be programmed to suit your needs Air freshener cans come in many different scents to fit the area that it is in Cans are sold separately or in a carton of 12 Each can sprays 3000 times

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Fragrance Sachets (mixed)

Fragrance sachets are a simple way of filling a room with a pleasant smell. They can be placed inside a vacuum to cover smells. The sachets are very long lasting.

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5lt Air fresheners

We supply a range of bulk air fresheners that come in a variety of scents. From strong (blueberry) to mild (lemon myrtle) Easily put into smaller 500ml spray bottles for easier handling.



Deb Azure Hand Soap

Very popular dispenser with childcare dispenser holds 1ltr pods of Deb Azure foam wash easy to install

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